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Observatory Domes

Nishimura's dome is designed for astronomers. It is totally optimized with our telescopes, that is, the best dome for astronomer! No more cares for controlling the dome for your observation. With over 2,000 domes' experiences reflected in its proven-usability, durability and safety.


This dome is suitable for telescopes in classes for educational facilities such as schools and science museums.
Designed for all conditions.
(Example) Telescope size, purpose of use, altitude restrictions of buildings, etc ...
With abundant delivery experience to various parts of Japan, we provide safe domes that can withstand all climates.


For research and observation purposes such as observatories and universities, more accurate observation equipment and observation environments are required.
Nishimura, a manufacturer of both telescopes and domes, has an observation environment that we can propose.
Not only the durability, but also the introduction / tracking function of the telescope interlocking and the structure that stabilizes the airflow in the dome have been highly evaluated based on the observation research results.



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